Complete BISAC Subject Headings, 2013 Edition | BISG

I was recently reading about self publishing, and saw that one of the procedures was to copy the BISAC code for the subject that best fit one’s book.  I remembered these codes as what book stores use to shelve  their collections, and I imagine some libraries do as well.  At least, I know there are several Public libraries that shelve their collection using bookstore subjects.  Here is the complete Subject Headings:

Complete BISAC Subject Headings, 2013 Edition | BISG.

Out of curiosity, I copied some of the Codes (you have to begin browsing the subject headings to see these alpha-numeric codes) and pasted them into Amazon.  Yup, you can  actually pull up books by the codes. This might be a useful for someone out in library, or bibliographic, land who want to list Amazon titles by subject.  Just thinking out loud.