Possible eBook subscription from Amazon?

We could possibly be getting an eBook subscription from Amazon.  The article says it will be “older” titles, however, it would mean more books to read on the Kindle.  This addresses one of the main complaints I’ve heard, and agreed with, that avid readers can’t afford to buy all the books they want to read  (hmmm maybe time to have library books on the Kindle?).

What this new development is patterned after is the old idea of a “subscription library”.  This is how libraries worked BEFORE they were open to the public for free.  Yes, it is a step backwards, but in today’s culture, could this be a new model?  I hope, if so, that it continues to be a limited one, and people can still have free books available at the public library, even if they have to wait a month before they can read them.  That is o.k. actually, and isn’t much different than what libraries have done for quite sometime with rental books:  i.e.  you can wait a long time to read it free, or pay some money and read it sooner.

Amazon may be offering this as a part of the Premium subscription, which one can pay now for $79 a year.  However, they may be offering it for free to buyers of the upcoming Kindle Tablet.

I REALLY do hope, since its obvious that they can set up this type of lending, that they can work with public libraries for some sort of library subscription that does something equivalent.  O.k. I know I’m an optimist, but this would something that libraries could really use, and help replace the somewhat broken world of e-book rental that currently exists.


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