CIL 2011 — Empowering the Reader in a Digital World, my notes

Al Carlson (System Administrator, Tampa Bay Library Consortium); Chad Mairn (Information Services Librarian, St. Petersberg College)

Speakers spoke in a ‘tag team’ manner.

Books are just a containers.  Diagnosing the DVD Disappointment:  A Life Cycle View by Judson Coplan;  meant for DVD industry.  Showed a faster absorption into society than in the past.  Says take a look.  eBook delivery device will take over print books?  How fast?  eBook will take over the codex, like we aren’t going back to VHS.

Dedicated eReader – eink has wrong battery life, easy to read, and store a lot of books.  Epub has changed a lot.  Kindle can hold 4 tons of books but not library friendly.  He sees Sony eReader more than any other in his library.  Siff eReader never caught on, but flexible devise was amazing.  HP has device can hold video image without any power.

Non-dedicated book reader – Ipad, pc, etc.

Stanza – REALLY good ebook reading device for apple devices.

Android – Aldiko ereader.

Non-dedicated best for quick and short reading, and for multitasking.  Can have both.

Different epublilaction formats – http://

OverDrive uses EPUB and PDF

NetLibrary uses PDF, HTML and DJVU

Dueling formats, hard for formats.    Calibre allows to change formats.

Sony reader uses EPUB with Adobe’s ADEPT DRM

Dueling formats and DRMS

A software lock that controls access

DRM can be both good and bad.

Speaker thinks ePub will become dominant.  My library has a web site now will become my website has a library.  Inter-branch delivery will vanish with home delivery.

Epubs – no overdues; no storage; service area (why local library?)   (CompUSA)

ePub – Ownership (library no longer owns) – books are kept on vendor server.

Homework – create opensource where we can buy ebooks and store on our own server.

Devise a purchasing plan that creates a “win” for publishers, vendors, and libraires.

Find out the real cost between publishing print and electronic.

Epub offers huge advantage and threats.  Use the force don’t go over to the dark side.

eTextbooks – Where is the revolution?  75% of students still prefer print, according to book industry,  however, bit torrent sites are full of pirated text books where students are downloading them.  Florida Is looking at 100% digital k-12 textbooks.  Speaks about different ones.  The Kno textbook tablet (pretty slick).    Barnes and Noble has NOOK Study  free app.  Browser based great at not devise and html 5 which allows video, etc.

Speaker mentioned “Books in Browsers”  conference, which took place last fall.  Website for keynote speech is worth checking out: .  In the speech, he emphasizes Google’s statement during this conference that the vast majority of books are the ones that are still in copy right, but out of print.

We are watching evolution in action.  Speaker performed a demo.  Kindle uses AZW. Patron has free EPUB.  Plug in kindle to computer, then send book to kindle in Calibre, it automatically converts EPUB into AZW.  No rule as far as librarians doing this.

There is a plug-in that strips DRM.

Treebooks have a built in DRM.

One new model:


Holds List


Electronically Purchase

Donate to your library

A possible academic model:


Add notes like photoshop layer


Retain the notes

Sell the notes to next term’s students to overlay on the eBook.

*  community center – starbuck’s

* eGov and the stigma of food stamps

* Library expertise on ePub


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