CIL 2011 — EBook Models and Challenges, my notes

Speakers:  Sujay Darji – Swets;  Stephen Abram – Gale

Swets – eBook acquisitions model.  Growth of eBooks has been a challenge.  Swets has traditionally been know for Periodicals consolidation.  Publishers and aggregators approached Swets, needed a new platform.  Subscription agents transition into eBooks.  Changes in infrastructure and do a lot of research.  Acquisitions Vs. Access.  Agents are trying to decide what they want to get involved with.  Need strategy that will appease investors and libraries.

Need to define a viable ROI.  Swets chose acquisitions and management of eBooks.

Didn’t want to tackle access problems:  DRM, Licenses, Platforms.

Swets took on Acquisitions – mixed bag of eBook suppliers;  streamline the ordering process.

eBook purchasing models:  pda, approval, aggregators vs. direct; collections; a la carte.

Swets chose to be aggravator of aggravators.  Vendor neutral, no platform fee; manage all purchases in one platform; access is still through each individual publisher.

On their site, see title, supplier, price and different purchasing model.

Three fold:  Acquire; Manage; Access.  Recap:  Free Access; eBook Reasearch Tool; Speedy Collection Development.


Gale —  Stephen Abram.  Slides available at:

Cathode ray tube monitor causes stress, plasma less so.  Gale looking at better electronic textbooks.   Speaker points out Google and growth of web based eBook readers.  He questions where Amazon is going now that OCLC has licensed their metadata to Amazon, and that has stopped the Kindle sharing site, Lendle.   He sees that books will become a more collaborative object in the future.  He also mentioned the new eReading device, entourage eDge.  It combines one screen with eInk for reading books, and another color screen for apps.

He also recognizes the growth of mobile devices, and that the library should be aware of the consequences of the recent FCC ruling on white space.



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